On Chasing And Being Chased

She used to have everything except time for herself. She got tired on how dirty things went that she turned her back, firm and decided.

She had options. But there’s a voice in her head that cannot compromise thus, she would refuse. Once, twice, ore more than 5 times it had happened.

She kept chasing something too different, and there she felt the struggle. Her confidence and self-esteem are very much affected in the process.

It hit her. She is… still… being led back to the same domain. As she pushes the ideal, reality cannot be denied that not all she wants, she gets in just a snap like she used to.

She has pride and fears at the same time. She has been complacent, a prodigal daughter of some sort. She is hard to please when she herself tries to please and chase. It all became too complicated.

And then she is reminded: To become less proud is to become more grounded. Be accepting and become a more authentic human being. But at the same time, know your worth too. You cannot be always the one all- giving. You’ll tire yourself again. There should be a sense of balance in everything. Stick to reality, but hope for the best.

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In God’s perfect time, the round peg will perfectly fit the round hole. Nobody says it’s going to be easy. Nobody knows how long it will take that she often ends up frustrated. But she has to trust that God is just writing her life’s finest tale while He hones her to become her very best.



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