Attitude of Gratitude

First Tuesday Habit at Work called “Mini-Ugnayan”

This month’s topic was about Industriousness and Productivity. My favorite part was the practice of Attitude of Gratitude. We were tasked to give away 3 bags of chips with ready notes, praising someone for doing a good job.

1st recipient: the girl who never failed to give a sweet smile and say good morning and would clean my area everyday.

2nd: the man who knew me by full name on our 2nd meeting and was excited for me. He would often show his admiration for my being ever present Mondays to Sundays. Haha.

3rd: the man who guarded and graciously assisted me on that very first event I handled. I was like him, standing, observing and waiting for hours.

A janitress. A security guard. And another security guard. If only I have more.

But one thing is for sure. They may not be “big” in names but they all have a big heart. It wasn’t just a job that they are doing, it’s genuine service.



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