Why I Fly?

Traveling gives me a certain high. For a few times I was able to do so, I realize how wonderful life is all the more, and how great God is. So when asked the question as to WHY I FLY? I sure have a lot to say but better narrow it down to my 5 main reasons.


  1. God’s Wonderful Creations


The cottony clouds, the rich blue seas, the natural greens and browns, and the man-made architectures on land. Looking out from a plane’s window is always uplifting, realizing how wonderful God’s creations are. The world is too beautiful not to explore.


  1. Celebrate Friendship


Have you ever wished of setting foot on a real-life paradise and doing so with your closest friends? This is one of the reasons why I fly, to celebrate great friendships and all together tick off an item from our bucket list. To travel is to live. To travel with good friends and meeting new ones is to happily live.


  1. Family Bonding


Family travels create special bond and lasting memories. They are my wealth that can never be bought nor sold. This, family bonding, is why I fly. Thank heavens we did a lot all together when my Mom was still alive. And now whenever I fly, I imagine I’m just near her up above the skies.


  1. Food to Explore and Discover


Who doesn’t love F-O-O-D? Let’s keep it real, exploring delicacies and different recipes is gives a big excitement when traveling. More than the different people and sights to discover, food gives you an intimate encounter with traditions and culture.


  1. Love is Everywhere


Why do I fly? Because whenever I do, I feel LOVE/d. Love is in a smooth and safe flight, a boat ride and road trip going to a beautiful land.  Love is in the fresh air, cool breeze, warmth of the sun, amazing beach and vast variety of trees and animals. Love is giving myself the chance to breath, to break away from routines, and heal the heart and mind. Love is the chance to create a deeper connection with thy self, thy partner and thy God.


My goal is to go somewhere I have never been to before at least once a year. If given the confidence and opportunity, I also want to try traveling alone. I still have a lot of dream destinations, both local and international. I want to keep discovering, exploring and learning. Enjoy life! Enjoy the world! Get ready to fly!


Twitter: @itravelilive



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