I am a Princess.

Like most girls, I have always loved Disney stories (and Disneyland)! More so, all the princesses and their happy ever afters.

Fa Mulan has always been my favorite Disney character. In fact, I have watched Mulan 1 and 2 more than 10 times perhaps, and almost memorized all the songs. She may not be labeled as a literal princess in the story but to me she is. Her love for her father, her willingness to sacrifice for the family, her courage and strength (a fighter), that’s how I want myself to be, in all aspects.


I remember in 2003, having joined a Beauty Pageant in high school, it is her I portrayed for the talent portion. Complete with props, co-actors, and costumes, singing the “Reflection” and acting out a scene of a daughter about to make a big decision in her life for her family and meeting the man of her dreams (Oh gosh, the memories! Pardon the photos too! Digital cameras and smartphones are not yet a thing back then).


In 2013, I portrayed Mulan too for our group’s entry in the competition during APT office’s Christmas Party. We won, by the way!

Group mates in different Disney costumes for APT Entertainment Inc’s Christmas Party 2013

For sure, we all have our own Disney moments and characters to remember. But how do we relate them in our modern times?

Reality check, life ain’t a fairy tale.  If there are similarities in the real world is that, just like in the princesses’ stories, there are continuous trials and struggles for every indivisuals. There are problems in every families (broken, loss of a loved one, financial), relationships (differences, cheating, long distance), career (overworked, underpaid, toxic boss, time consuming, obligation and not out of passion), friends (peer pressure, betrayals, detachments), etc. Often times, we succumb ourselves in deep negativity, blaming ourselves, people and circumstances on our misfortunes. On different levels, we will always have a cross to carry. As for Mulan, she took on a responsibility for her family with the need to pretend to be someone she is not (a male warrior).


With her sacrifice comes a promise of hope and happiness. Just like her story, do good and the good will come back to you.

There is always something to look forward to in everyday. There is always a princess story in each one of us and they need not be grand as castles, feasts and having met the knight and shining armor prince. It’s a matter of perspective. A simple home, food on the table 3-5 times a day, a happy family, the beauty of nature, having a loving partner, can complete the elements of your own Disney story.

As for me, the fact that I am alive with talents I can get to hone, a home to go to everyday, a family (though we are not physically complete together and Mommy is in heaven already), promising opportunities in terms of career, few but true friends, and a God who is willing and accepting to love me, unworthy as I am. I am a child of God. I am his precious one. Thus, I AM A PRINCESS. I will always thank the Lord for all my gifts. Most of the time I would feel down, but I thank Him for always reminding me that I am loved even in little ways.

To all the girls, we are princesses in our own rights. We can always be like Mulan (or whoever your favorite is). Let’s build our own happy kingdoms!


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