Hit That Target!

Last November 6, my Adventure Buddy insisted to take me all the way to a far part of Quezon City just to try Archery (If I don’t know how to go to a place, I consider it far already). Coming from Cainta Rizal, it took us roughly an hour to reach our destination (via private car): DMZ Archery Range. Not bad! There’s no traffic as well since it’s a Sunday.


DMZ or DeMilitarized Zone is an 18m standard indoor fully air-conditioned archery range. We arrived at the jam-packed venue, with couples and friends already lining up, all excited for their turns (first come first serve basis). We needed to wait for an hour but watching how the others prior to us do it gave me ideas of what to do already. Plus! Board games, playing cards, Jenga, etc. are in the tables for those who are waiting, and the main entrance has a salon for men and women. In short, you can always have something to do.

An arm assist to remind archers the proper arm position

The guests can shoot per batch. First timers have nothing to worry about because an orientation is conducted by a coach before starting the 1 hour Archery session. We get to familiarize ourselves with the proper posture, how to handle a bow, how to put an arrow in the bow and release it, where to look at to get the target, the rules as to when to shoot, when to retrieve, etc. For an hour, I had been assigned and accountable for my own bow and 5 arrows to shoot per set. It has been an hour of learning, self-discipline, meeting new friends and total FUN!

It was a challenge for someone with shaky hands, all the more with tired arms (like me). But my performance wasn’t bad for a first timer. Thanks to a very patient and helpful coach. I rarely hit the target but at least my arrows aren’t going anywhere unexpected (some would hit another’s target face, the lights in ceiling or have no direction at all!). As for me, I think I can do better next time.

Here’s the promo we availed (soft opening rate, until further notice as per DMZ’s Facebook Page):

DMZ’s promo

DMZ is located at #18 Mystic Rose Drive Sanville Subdivsion Project 6, Quezon City, Philippines. 


Another activity ticked off my “I want to try” list. Archery is not just worth “trying”. Honestly, it can be a hobby as I unleash the Archer ala Katniss Everdeen in me. Wish! Haha. There are nearer Archery ranges to try too.

Check DMZ out at https://www.facebook.com/dmzarchery/. Thanks to all the friendly staff! 🙂


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