Araneta Center Cubao Banchetto

You know it’s Christmas anytime soon when the famous Araneta Center Cubao Christmas Tree is finally up.


To me, Cubao will always be the common place of people from the metro and the provinces (since bus terminals to different part of North and South Luzon are located within this area of Quezon City). There are around 4 big shopping and dining malls, plus a lot of major establishments such as concert venues, supermarkets, condominiums, etc. nearby. It’s a lively and happy place place, much more now that it’s Christmas and the annual Banchetto has officially started. Foodies, reunite!

The open space in front of Araneta Coliseum is converted into a food haven. Grilled, fried, roasted, sizzling, baked, sweet, etc, go around and find whatever suits your palette or cravings. Ready yourselves though for tons of people eating and drinking around. Tables and chairs are provided though not everyone can fit in especially on weeknights. For a cowgirl like me, I need not worry. So long as I get to enjoy good food (with Christmas songs playing on the background).

Hungry? On a budget? Fine dining or typical fast food break? Craving for street foods you cannot find in your office or school cafeteria? Araneta Center Cubao Banchetto is the place to be.



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