When you decide to remove the negatives, the positives continuously come along.

When you act with kindess and generosity, not as front or mask, you’ll be blessed abundantly.

When you seek for truth and not easily swayed by gossips and opinions, you’ll find peace of mind and the reward to sleep soundly.

When you practice humility and live with simplicity, you’ll be rich in experience.

When you stay true to yourself but people look down on the things you do, remember you’re not made to please everybody.

When you aim to explore and learn, and feel thankful even in simple things, you’re definitely a millionaire beyond compare.

When you push for growth, keeping in mind your passion and strengths, delighted to give it back to the creator, then you’re living life for its very purpose.

When you ready yourself because God is preparing you for greater things, remember that everything is going to be worth it.

Remember by HVL 5/17/15


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